4 Things You May Not Know About TT-Swap Token


Founded by a group of seasoned social network and blockchain professionals, TTSwap’s mission is to enhance payment on social network experience using blockchain technology.

TTSwap vision is to align payment on social network with the ethos of decentralised technology. That being, promote accessibility to anyone, anywhere, offer censorship resistant and peer-to-peer transactions, and build open-source technology controlled by software and governed by users.

1. TT-Swap has the total supply of 157 billion TT-Swap Token and will burn 90%, with lowest price.

TTSwap Token will bring the community closer to crypto and become richer than ever, Handing over the power to the community to own. The rest will be burned, expected to burn Tokens up to 90%. With the total supply of 157 Billion, TTSwap is promised to improve the state of liquidity in the marketplace –  formalizing the model for pooling liquidity reserves.

2. TT-Swap is a solid value, most unique pricing process, 1000% price increased by the end of 2021.

Optimizing community profits, completely decentralized lead to a double the chance to when order a buy and no hidden fee.  A clear regulation roadmap, fixed over time and unchanged.

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3. Many famous investment funds are also holding the amount of TT-Swap.

TT-Swap is the crystallization of a social network, the world’s largest cryptocurrency-based idea, a new upgrade, meeting payment transaction services in the ecosystem. Global eco, gift replacement and bonus points for millions of users.


4. TT-Swap Token will certainly also be of great interest to the community.

Generation 4.0 promises to offer a busy environment, a healthy economy, and the ability to assist many people become wealthy through technology. Consumers from all around the world can be linked and connected. With the goal of bringing joy to everyone.

The TRC-20 algorithm is trusted by the crypto industry, and TT is written on the TRON platform.

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The most intriguing part about crypto is that a tremendous quantity of information is freely available if your product is open-source. Of course, we wouldn’t have been able to do what we have without the help of the larger crypto community.

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