What is TT-Swap?

 Why should you own TT-Swap (TTS)?

 TT-Swap is the crystallization of social networking, community-based ideas available.  bring cryptocurrency to millions of people who are still confused in the field of Cryptocurrency, a new upgrade, meet payment transaction services in the global ecosystem, replace gifts and reward points.

 Total supply: 157,000,000,000 TT-Swap Token and will burn 90%, remaining 10% total supply on the new network, and bring the price increase to 10 times after 3 months.

 TT-Swap Token will bring the community closer to cryptocurrency and become richer than ever, giving ownership to the community.  with a total supply of 157,000,000,000 will be burned 90% of the rest will go to the new platform, BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) With a final total supply of 15,700,000,000 TTS.

 TTSwap is promised to improve the liquidity situation in the market - formalize the model of pooling liquid reserves, reduce inflation, and do not rush to sell off.  activate functions such as: Swap, Staking, Farming, lucky game.

 TT-Swap roadmap from November 1, 2021

  Phase 1
 TT-Swap (TT) Tokens will be redeemed to Binance Smart Chain's Bep20 platform by the end of October 2021

 Phase 2
  Start the Airdrop program and register new members at website tt-swap.com ,
 List of Airdrop winners receiving TTS.

 Phase 3
 Enable Swap function to change from TT (TRC20) to receive TTS (BEP20)
 Putting TTS on the decentralized exchange pancakeswap

 Phase 4

  In early December 2021, TT-Swap (TTS) will officially trade on FMCPAY Exchange.
 Simultaneously open the function of Staking, Farming, Mini Game Lucky

 Let's welcome a new look, a completely new website, together with potential great partners.  Preparing for a Bigger Transformation of TT-Swap

Telegram: Channel: https://t.me/TTCryptochannel
Community Group: https://t.me/TTSwapToken
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ttswap
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwapTT
Hahalolo: https://bit.ly/3twdQ0q
Youtube: https://bit.ly/3C1rA6h
Website: https://tt-swap.com